Empowered Healing

Personal Programs

A variety of options are available depending on the level of support you want and need. Each new client will go through an in-depth intake process where we go over your symptoms, any and all health test results you already have, your current protocol, what has and has not worked in the past, health goals and concerns and an in-depth questionnaire. After examining all the information, I will create a Phase 1 treatment completely customized to you. Phase 1 may include adjustments to any current protocols you are on, the addition of supplements and/or herbs, lifestyle changes, diet adjustments and additional testing I believe will be pertaining to your healing and getting at the root cause of your issues.

Testing may include:

  • MicroNutrient Evaluation – Looking at your cell’s levels of a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients as well as how strong your immune and antioxidant function is.
  • Genetic Testing – Utilizing possibly already existing raw data from ancestry or 23andme, I will look at common mutations in your body’s innate ability to process different vitamins and nutrients, fats, your ability to detoxify, and any mutations in your methylation cycle. I will then provide a protocol on how to override any mutations we find to avoid potential negative health impacts.
  • Gastrointestinal Testing– Providing us a list of good and bad bacteria living in your gut, any over or undergrowth of specific strains of bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, candida and other yeast overgrowth as well as what herbs or prescriptions would be most effective to treat any pathogens found.
  • In-depth Hormonal Profile – Covering all the common hormone health markers plus: Cortisol, Estrogens E1, E2 & E3, Progesterone, IGF-1, Free and Total testosterone, a thyroid + adrenal panel showing Anti-TPO antibodies, Anti-thyroglobulin Antibodies, Free & Reverse T3, Free and total T4, and many other hormone markers.
  • CardioMetabolic Panel– Especially if you have a family history of heart disease. We won’t just look at a standard lipid panel but instead dive into leading assessment markers like Lipoprotein (a), hs-CRP, Homocysteine, Hemoglobin A1C, Lipoprotein Fractionation & Particle Number, Pre-Diabetes Markers, and the list goes on.
  • Basic Metabolic Profile & Complete Blood Count – Liver and kidney function, immune profile, Iron & Anemia markers.
  • Food Sensitivity Testing– Unveiling what food and chemical triggers and keeping your immune system in a hyper-reactive state.
  • Viral testing – Epstein-barr, Herpes, Hepatitis, & more. After test results are received, we will begin phase II of your protocol. We will address any major issues that have presented themselves such as nutritional deficiencies, genetic mutations, hormonal imbalances, parasites or pathogens living in your gut, viruses, food sensitivities and so on. We will slowly adjust the protocol to manage symptoms and track what’s helping.

Adjustments will be made until you feel you are back to a state of optimal health. Note: This will take time.

Appointments for adjustments can either be made as needed, or I can work with you as your concierge health consultant for a monthly fee — guaranteeing same or next day appointments, an ongoing relationship, and a more affordable way to manage health that requires an increasingly hands on approach. Both options include me educating you on what is going on in your body, so you can take an active role in your immediate healing and longevity.


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