Radical Reset - A Detox Focused Approach to Establishing Foundational Health

A 3-month data-based discovery process and deep dive into what is keeping you from creating optimal health.

What the Radical Reset Experience Offers?

Designed to help you create the building blocks to true health, give you energy and space in your life to pursue what brings you joy, and to step into your power as your own healer, independent from our medical system and any authority outside of yourself.

Radical reset is a virtual group foundational health deep dive & coaching experience utilizing functional medicine testing to reveal and heal the things keeping you from feeling optimal.


Whether for optimization or treatment of chronic symptoms, testing to understand and treat what is overloading your system leads to major improvements in your immediate health, recovery, and long-term wellbeing.

If the ecosystem of your body is polluted, its inhabitants – your cells, organs and glands, will struggle to thrive and you will continue to face an uphill battle towards true health.

Before issues like brain fog, fatigue, gut issues, weight gain, nutrient deficiencies, anxiety, and hormonal issues can be addressed, foundational health has to be established. This occurs through detoxifying and resetting the ecosystem of your body.


Join Radical Reset and heal in community – I have found with my clients and with myself, one of the hardest parts of sticking to a healing program comes from the feelings of isolation and lack of community that occur when you clean up your lifestyle and diet.

My hope is not only to provide the data, answers, and resolutions to radically reset your health but to bring together a group of people with the same goals and interests in mind- a heightened pursuit of health and life.

Who Is This For?

You are already doing everything “right.” You exercise, eat well, understand and implement sleep hygiene, yet you know there is still something missing when it comes to feeling your best. Something your Doctor’s don’t know or aren’t telling you.

You have seen more than a few practitioners. You have had to accept a state of feeling less than optimal.

You are ready to take your health to the next level and acquire the education essential to step into your self-initiated role as your own healer.

HOW: A Personalized Foundational Health Deep Dive

Program Details

Program Includes

  • Private One-on-One Deep Dive Intake Appointment with Elise (60-minutes)
  • Four Functional Medicine Tests* Revealing The Body’s Toxin Loads
  • Six 60-minute education and coaching sessions with Elise speaking specifically to the group’s results & targeted healing bi-monthly.
  • Six 30-minute Q&A sessions bi-monthly to support your journey.
  • Personalized Supplement & Protocol Recommendations
  • Weekly exercises and assignments based on building blocks
  • Weekly accountability emails
  • Recordings of all sessions sent out within 24 hours

Functional Medicine Testing* Included in the Program:

  1. Environmental Toxin Panel: Testing everything from glyphosate, plastic derivatives, pesticides, to those found in our cosmetics and cleaning supplies.
  2. Urine Based Heavy Metal Testing revealing current exposures
  3. Hair based heavy metal testing showing older exposures stored deep in your body
  4. Mold Testing: Completely underutilized and one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving optimal health

*All testing is done directly from your home

Radical Reset will take you deep into the data on what is plaguing your body along with how to heal it.


Paid in Full Investment: $2200

Payment Plan Investment:  $2400*

All payments include the cost for testing.

*50% of Investment is required upfront to cover the cost of lab testing.

The remaining 50% of Investment will be split up over three months at $400/month.

Meeting Dates:

Meeting dates and times will be coordinated based on your schedule.

An introductory call will be scheduled within one week of your initial investment.

All sessions will be recorded, and you will receive a copy of the recording after each meeting

What is NOT included in the Program:

Supplement costs (required, customized once data has been received)

Implementation of Lifestyle Adjustment ie water filtration systems, organic food & products

Additional Detox Therapies: Sauna use, Colon Hydrotherapy, Enemas

Through knowledge, we can design and choose what makes us whole.

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